In 1890, Johann Kaiser V. took over the traditional inn from the widow of Wilhelm Müller. During the 1990s, one of his grandsons, Helmut Kaiser, was still working at an advanced age in the inn, newly built in 1912 by his father, Emil Kaiser, on the old site. That’s according to the local history book!

Now, the current owner, Jochen Stahlschmidt, is a grandson of Helmut Kaiser and is following in the family tradition. He has adopted Kaiser, or “KÄÄSER” in the local dialect, as the name of the inn. Initially, in 1995, the premises were renovated, followed by the extension to the guest rooms, new WC facilities, the opening of the beer garden in 1996, restructuring of the parking area in 2001 and, in 2004, the newly built kitchen was opened.


In October 2008 the former dance hall has been converted into a restaurant. The neighboring barn will be integrated or will be able to be used separately.

Dear guests, you can see the hard work and care that goes into running this business. With great dedication, we try to make it as pleasant and comfortable for you as possible - a visit is always worthwhile!


Jochen Stahlschmidt
Nicole Schermer

and the Kääser team





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